6th Annual Meeting of the LoCARNet in Bangkok, Thailand

Date: 1 – 3 November 2017
Venue: Century Park Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

The LoCARNet 6th Annual Meeting was held on 1 – 3 November in Bangkok, Thailand.
About 140 participants from 15 countries and four international organisations gathered for the Annual Meeting and the 3rd International Conference of Low Carbon Asia (ICLCA) which was held in parallel at the same venue.
Scientists, Government officers, municipality officers, business persons, and NGO workers presented their own research and activities in line with the topic of each session. Q&A sessions featured lively cross-sectoral discussions.

The Meeting closed with announcement of the draft of LoCARNet Bangkok Declaration. The declaration was agreed on by all participants of the Annual Meeting and ICLCA.
It was then presented at COP23 in Bonn by the new LoCARNet Secretary General, Tomoko Ishikawa.

6th LoCARNet Bangkok Declaration
6th LoCARNet Annual Meeting Synthesis Report

LoCARNet 6th Annual Meeting Programme and Presentations

Day 1
Official Opening Ceremony
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sirintornthep Towprayoon, Director of JGSEE-CEE, KMUTT, Thailand
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bundit Fungtammasan, Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation of KMUTT, Thailand
Prof.Dr. Ho Chin Siong, Professor, UTM, Malaysia
Mr.Ryuzo Sugimoto, Director, International Cooperation Office, Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ)
Dr. Shuzo Nishioka, Counsellor, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
KN_1 Expectation to the Research Communities in Supporting Science-Based Climate Policy
Dr. Wijarn Simachaya, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand
Plenary Session 1
P1_1 The Paris Agreement and Global Low Carbon Transition Towards 1.5oC Target:
A Perspective and an Update

Prof. Priyadarshi R. Shukla, IPCC, WGⅢ Co-Chair
P1_2 Low Carbon Cities: Knowledge and Action Gaps
Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal, AIT
P1_3 Green Economy for Sustainable Development in the Context of Thailand
Mr. Pavit Prakitsri, Mitr Phol Sugar Corp., Ltd, Thailand
Parallel Session 1-1: Progress and Future: The National Adaptation Process and its Implementation among ASEAN countries
Co-organised by ONEP and TGO/CITC

Chair: Dr. Jakkanit Kananurak (TGO, Thailand)
PS1-1_1 Thailand’s National Adaptation Planning Process (NAP)
Dr. Kollawat Sakhakara, ONEP, Thailand
PS1-1_2 Integrating Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) into Thailand’s Agricultural Sector
Dr. Akarapon Houbcharaun, OAE, Thailand
PS1-1_3 UNDP’s Support to LDCs
Supporting Developing Countries to Advance National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)

Ms. Julie Teng, UNDP
PS1-1_4 Capacity Building for Climate Change Adaptation in Thailand
Ms. Chayathorn Thanawattanadamrong
Parallel Session 1-2: Mitigation in Asia – Lessons learnt and challanges identified from implementation on low- carbon development and Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) for future promoting mitigation actions of the private sector and other stakeholders
Chair: Dr. Jun Ichihara (JICA Indonesia Office)
PS1-2_1 MOEJ’s Environmental Cooperation through City-to-city collaboration in Asia
Mr. Ryuzo Sugimoto, MOE, Japan
PS1-2_2 Implementation of the JCM in Thailand
Dr. Paweena Panichayapichet, TGO, Thailand
PS1-2_3 Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050
Ever-better manufacturing

Mr. Yoshihisa Nakagawa, Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Japan
PS1-2_4 Barriers, Opportunities & Challenges faced by a private sector developer in CDM & JCM schemes
Mr. Joseph WC Hwang M.Sc, PT Gikoko Kogyo Indonesia
Parallel Session 1-3: Climate actions and interactions with SDGs
Chair: Dr. Mikiko Kainuma (IGES, Japan)
PS1-3_1 Climate actions and interactions with SDGs
Dr. Priyadarshi R. Shukla, WGⅢ Co-chair
PS1-3_2 The Energy Transition under its INDC Targets in China
Prof. Chen Sha, Beijing University of Technology, China
PS1-3_3 Developing Synergy Between Climate Actions and SDGs in Development Planning Process: Indonesian Case
Prof. Rizaldi Boer, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia
PS1-3_4 Climate actions and interactions with SDGs in Vietnam
Dr. Nguyen Tung Lam, ISPONRE, Vietnam
PS1-3_5 Nationally Determined Contribution of Cambodia
Dr. Hak Mao, MoE, Cambodia
PS1-3_6 NDC and Long-term GHG reduction target of Japan
Dr. Toshihiko Masui, NIES, Japan

Day 2
Plenary Session 2
P2_1 New Views on de-carbonisation: Good and Bad Carbon
Prof. Dr. Jiri Kelmes, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
P2_2 Local Technologies for Developing Climate Resilience Farming in Coastal Areas
Prof. Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid, Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Malaysia
Parallel Session 2-1: Low Carbon Cities
Chair: Dr. Junichi Fujino (IGES/NIES, Japan)
PS2-1_1 Kuala Lumpur Low Carbon Society Blueprint 2030 (KL LCSBP 2030)
Chin Shiong Ho, UTM, Malaysia
PS2-1_2 Plan for Implementation of the Paris Agreement of Haiphong City
Vu Thi Thu Huong, DONRE, Vietnam
PS2-1_3 Welcome to Can Tho City, Viet Nam
Mr. Chau Thi Kim Thoa, DONRE, Vietnam
PS2-1_4 Preliminary Research on Low Carbon Society Scenario for Semarang
Dr. Maryono, Diponegoro University, Indonesia
PS2-1_5 Procedure of low-carbon policy formulation in the case of Hai Phong city
Nguyen Thai Hoa, Ritsumeikan University, Japan (Vietnam)
PS2-1_6 Mr. Curt Garrigan, UN-ESCAP
PS2-1_7 CITC
Dr. Jakkanit Kananurak and Ms. Chayathorn Thanawattanadamrong, TGO/CITC, Thailand
PS2-1_8 Progress of ASEAN’s Model Cities
Dr. Shom Teoh, IGES Bagnkok Office, Thailand (Japan)
PS2-1_9 Low Carbon Activities and Concerning Policies in Lao PDR
Mr. BounEua Khamphilavanh, DONRE, Lao PDR
Parallel Session 2-2: Towards long-term carbon neutrality in Asia – Growing importance of forestry and land use management
Chair: Dr. Kentaro Tamura (IGES, Japan)
PS2-2_1 Towards long-term carbon neutral Asia:
Growing importance of forestry and land use management – frameworking the session-

Dr. Shuzo Nishioka, IGES, Japan
PS2-2_2 Towards Long-term Carbon Neutrality in Asia: Growing Importance of Forestry and Land Use Management – A case of Bhutan
Dr. Norbu Wangdi, UWICE, Bhutan
PS2-2_3 NDCs and Low Carbon Policies in Nepal: Implications and Challenges
Ram M. Shrestha, AIT, Nepal
PS2-2_4 Role of Forest in Mitigating Climate Change and Challenge to Measure Progress in Limiting Land Use Change Emissions
Prof. Rizaldi Boer
PS2-2_5 Natural resources and Land use in Lao PDR
Mr. Bae Pheaxay, National University of Laos, Lao PDR
Parallel Session 2-3: Integration of Local Actions into National Development towards Achieving SDGs in Asia and the Role of Science and Technology: Development and Application of Models and Monitoring Technologeis to Evaluate Transition to the SDGs
Chair: Dr. Tsuyoshi Fujita and Dr. Shuichi Ashina (NIES, Japan)
PS2-3_1 Climate actions and interactions with SDGs
Dr. Mikiko Kainuma, IGES, Japan
PS2-3_2 National Action towards the SDGs: Case of Thailand
Dr. Chatchai Intatha, ONEP, Thailand
PS2-3_3 Integrated Design and Analysis for Sustainable Energy Systems
Dr. Toshihiko Nakata, Tohoku University, Japan
PS2-3_4 Contribution of DKI Jakarta Mitigation Action Plan to the National GHG Emission Reduction Target of Indonesia NDC
Prof. Retno Gumilang Dewi, ITB, Indonesia
PS2-3_5 Development and Application of Analytical Models for Designing Local Actions towards the SDGs
Dr. Shuichi Ashina, NIES, Japan
PS2-3_6 Urban Monitoring and Modelling Research for New Urban Design under Climate Change
Dr. Tsuyoshi Fujita, NIES, Japan
PS2-3_7 Atmospheric GHG Monitoring at Tokyo and Jakarta-Bogor Megacities
Dr. Yukio Terao, NIES
Day 3
Plenary Session 3: City Mayors’ Summit
Co-chairs: Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Siong (UTM, Malaysia) and Dr. Junichi Fujino (IGES/NIES, Japan)
P3_1 Low Carbon City
Mr. Vijai Amaralikit, Mayor, Phanatnikhorm Town Municipality, Thailand
P3_2 Low Carbon Society Blueprint Pengerang 2030
Mr. Nor Rahman bin Mustaffa, Pengerang Local Authority, Malaysia
P3_3 Welcome to Can Tho City, Viet Nam
Dr. Dao Anh Dung, Vice Chairman of Can Tho’s people Committee, Viet Nam
P3_4 Haiphong City – Vietnam becoming Green Port City
Dr. Do Quang Hung, Head of Division, The Office of Haiphong People Committee
The Way Forward and Closing Ceremony
Dr. Tsuyoshi Fujita, NIES, Japan
Ms. Tomoko Ishikawa, Secretary General of LoCARNet, IGES, Japan
Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Siong, UTM, Malaysia
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sirintornthep Towprayoon, JGSEE-CEE, KMUTT, Thailand
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