IGES proposed at Bonn UNFCCC SB42 to make the next 10 years the “Decade of Accelerating Transformative Action to Low Carbon Society (DATALoCS)”

After we have agreed on a new regime at CO21, all the entities will have to start actions to change their system for a rapid shift to low-carbon society.

The moment to change is now or never. The success of climate stabilisation fully depends on concrete actions at all levels of policy structure, in all sectors of the economy and by all people living in each community.

We have no time to waste . Let’s concentrate our collective human wisdom and cooperate with each other to enable a shift within the next 10 years.

This proposal was launched by IGES at IGES/TERI side event at UNFCCC SB- 42 in Bonn on 4 June.

It appeals to the international community at all levels and communities, outlining the necessity and urgency of practical actions using cross-sectoral cooperation for a transformation into a Low Carbon Society.

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