13 Mar 2013|--

Positive Assessment by UniCredit Leasing Strengthens Solar Frontier’s Bankability

Solar Frontier, Japan: Solar Frontier announced today its achievement of bankability with UniCredit Leasing, a leading European company for asset-based financing solutions. After passing a stringent quality test by Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme (ISE), UniCredit Leasing has added Solar Frontier’s thin film CIS modules to its list of trusted photovoltaic suppliers. With UniCredit Leasing, Solar Frontier has added yet another renowned financial resource for funding large-scale projects, further enhancing its credibility with project investors. Solar Frontier’s strong bankability also helps to assure installers and plant operators that projects with Solar Frontier modules are technically solid. “Bankability is a key criterion for PV manufacturers seeking financing from banks and financial institutions for large projects such as power plants, large commercial installations, and the project business in general”, said Wolfgang Lange, Managing Director, Solar Frontier Europe. “Especially in the current market situation, bankability has become a critical factor for the success or failure of a PV company. Although Solar Frontier has already achieved bankability with several renowned banks and financial institutions in Europe, UniCredit Leasing’s trust is an important milestone for our continuous expansion in the worldwide markets.” (Source: http://www.solar-frontier.com/eng/news/2013/C017364.html)

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