19 Mar 2013|--

The first Solar Investment in Italy for Mitsubishi Corporation and INCJ

Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan: Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) and Solar Ventures have acquired 100% of Solar Holding, a company holding a total of 42 Mwp of PV plants under operation in Italy , already managed by Solar Ventures. After the transaction MC owns 50% of the Company, along with INCJ 35%, and Solar Ventures 15%. Solar Holding is one of the leading solar energy producers and plant operators in Italy, generating over 42 MWp with 19 plants in the regions of Piedmont, Sardinia and Apulia. The company’s energy production capacity matches energy needs of 20,000 households. All plants are equipped with silicon based solar panels from renowned top tier manufacturers, and constructed by leading power plant contractors. They were built at the early stage of the spread of PV installations, and far exceeding energy production expectations. Italy is the second largest country worldwide in terms of PV installations (around 16 GW) next to Germany (around 32 GW). Its abundant solar irradiation makes solar energy production highly efficient. This is the first investment in Italy for MC and INCJ. (Source: http://www.mitsubishicorp.com/jp/en/pr/archive/2013/html/0000019041.html)

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