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Low Carbon News in Nepal in May 2016

Date: 30/05/2016

Nepal assesses forests for maximum carbon credits

Nepal has begun reassessing the state of forests in the politically sensitive southern Terai plains following a national woodlands survey, the results of which were published five months ago.
According to the survey, Nepal has close to six million hectares of forests and another half-a-million hectares of shrub land, which adds up to 45 per cent of its total surface area, compared to the 38 per cent reported in the previous assessment in 1995.

Source:  http://www.scidev.net/south-asia/forestry/news/nepal-forests-carbon-credits.html


Date: 29/05/2016

Price of Electric Vehicles Lowered; Government Decreased the Custom Duty

In the recent national budget presentation, Government of Nepal declared to cut down the custom duty of electric vehicles in Nepal.
According to Director General of Custom Department, Mr. Sishir Kumar Dhungana the price of large electric vehicles consists of 15% custom duty and 13% VAT but according to the recent decision the custom has been decreased to 1% while the VAT remains same as before.
Likewise, for the electric scooters, motorcycles and tricycles the custom was 15% before but as per the new decision it is 10%. And the VAT has been exempted in this category of vehicles.
In four wheel electric vehicles like cars and jeep, Government reduced the custom tax to 10% from 40% but the 13% VAT is still applied.
Environmentalists in Nepal have been lobbying for the 0% custom and other taxes in electric vehicles in Nepal. Ministry of Environment has proposed to reduce the taxes in those vehicles and drafted a policy which they submitted to the ministerial cabinet for the decision.

Source: http://www.onlinekhabar.com/2016/05/433560/


Date: 30/05/2016

Conference on disaster risk reduction and climate change

In light of the growing prevalence of natural disasters and increased vulnerability to climate change in South Asia, the European Union Delegation to Nepal hosted a regional conference on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Kathmandu, on May 26-27.

Source: http://southasia.oneworld.net/news-you-can-use/press-release/conference-on-disaster-risk-reduction-and-climate-change#.V1VbyzV97Dc  


Date: 11/05/2016

30 Million USD granted for Climate change adaptation project

Nepal is about to implement 30 million USD climate change adaptation and mitigation project. Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation with funding from International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) is implementing the project in national level.
The fund will be utilized in districts level activities and in the initial phase the project will focus Dailekh, Kalilot, Rukum, Salyan, Rolpa and Jajarkot districts.
District Project Coordinator of Dailekh stated “to mitigate the impacts of climate change due to over emissions in developed nation we are focusing local adaptation and mitigation activities”. Project will carry out activities related to LAPA (Local adaptation plans for action) and also in primary focus to small holders farmers. Out of the total budget, project will invest 67% in small holders farmers helping them to adapt in changing climate while remaining 23% will be invest on climate change mitigation activities. Project will primarily focus on highly vulnerable and moderate vulnerable communities of an area and activities like awareness program, community seed development, off-season vegetable and fruits farming, irrigation development, rainwater harvesting, IPM (Integrated pest management), organic fertilizer development will be carried out.

Source: http://www.rajdhani.com.np/article/0264484001462934847



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