17 Dec 2012|--

New energy efficiency scheme will leave 2m fuel poor households out in the cold

IPPR, UK: The new ‘Energy Company Obligation’ (ECO) scheme will only scratch the surface of Britain’s fuel poverty problem and may see the Government backslide on its carbon reduction commitments, according to a new report from the think tank IPPR. From next year, ECO will oblige energy suppliers to improve the energy efficiency of fuel poor homes in order to tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions. It will replace existing policies (the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target and the Community Energy Savings Programme) by subsidising higher-cost measures which won’t be available under the Green Deal. (Source: http://www.ippr.org/press-releases/111/10087/new-energy-efficiency-scheme-will-leave-2m-fuel-poor-households-out-in-the-cold)

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