19 Dec 2012|--

Written ministerial statement by Edward Davey on the publication of the report on international aviation and shipping emissions

DECC, UK: Government has published a Parliamentary Report announcing that, recognising uncertainty over the international framework for reducing aviation emissions and particularly the treatment of aviation within the EU Emissions Trading System, it is deferring a firm decision on whether to include international aviation and shipping emissions within the UK’s net carbon account. The Parliamentary Report clarifies that the first four carbon budgets, covering the period 2008-2027, have been set to leave headroom for international aviation and shipping emissions, putting us on a trajectory which could be consistent with a 2050 target that aligns with the UK’s share of the international goal of limiting global temperature rises due to climate change to 2°C. (Source: http://www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/news/wmsedd_avi_shp/wmsedd_avi_shp.aspx)

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