16 Nov 2016|Rupak Koirala (Nepal):PACT, Ministry of Agriculture Development

Low Carbon news in Nepal in September 2016

Government to Set up Climate Smart Village

Date: 15/09/2016

The government is planning to establish 150 climate-smart villages across the country in this fiscal year, where the local communities will be equipped with capacity, technologies and knowledge to adapt to the increasing impacts of climate change on various sectors linked with livelihood.

The Department of Environment (DoEnv) under the Ministry of Environment and Population (MoEP) has prepared a climate-smart village working procedure that will be implemented in two districts from each of the seven federal provinces decided under the new constitution in an effort to strengthen the capacity of the local communities to tackle the climate change impact on agriculture sector.



Haze from Nepal, India travels over Himalayas; pollution spikes on Everest, Tibet

Date: 29/09/2016

In the past, the remoteness and high elevation of the Himalayas and Tibetan plateau was believed to protect the vast expanse of land from the chronic pollution that haunts the densely populated regions of China and South Asia. It was thought that the world’s highest mountain range would act as a barrier to stop pollution from reaching the higher glaciated peaks. But new research from scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences show pollution is spreading over the world’s highest mountain range and across central Tibet. The team recorded major spikes in pollution this April on the northern slopes of Everest, and traced the source back to Nepal and northern India.



 Solar lights to be installed in all wards of Kathmandu

Date: 18/09/2016

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is planning to install solar lights in every ward of the city before Dashain. To ensure that the Valley is well-lit at night, the Government of Nepal has devised public participation-based Solar Street Light Programme’ to gradually replace the halogen, CFL and mercury-vapour lamps with an environment-friendly alternative matter 10 (PM 10) and PM 2.5 in the air.


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