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Low Carbon News in China in August 2013

Chinese national low-carbon industry development plan is brewing

23 Aug 2013|China

The Chinese National Development and Reform Commission and other departments are doing intensive research and feasibility studies, preparing the introduction of a measures package to cope with climate change and promote green low-carbon industries. Which will focus on industrial, construction, transportation and public institutions, urbanization, and other key areas of energy, the development of a series of low-carbon industries. It is estimated that the state investment will reach RMB 2.3 trillion for the key energy saving projects during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, and energy-efficient technology and equipment market share will rise from the current 5% to 30%. (Source:http://finance.sina.com.cn/360desktop/roll/20130823/011316535466.shtml)


NDRC: Six policies to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading the ship

20 Aug 2013|China

The State Council recently issued a to accelerate the implementation of structural adjustment programs to promote the transformation and upgrading ship industry (2013-2015), put forward to resolve the shipbuilding industry overcapacity contradictions, adjusting structure, promoting transformation, sustained and healthy development of policies and measures. (Source:http://finance.21cn.com/news/industry/a/2013/0820/16/23559690.shtml)


Energy Board issued a Special Dispatch: diagnostic power plant emissions nationwide

20 Aug 2013|China

Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Board recently issued Express files to carry out special flue gas pollutant emission to control research at active coal plants (including captive power plant) in key areas nationwide. Research areas include: air pollution control in key areas related to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong and areas installed relatively large proportion of coal such as Shanxi province, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Heilongjiang, Henan and other 15 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). This work was also included in the Energy Regulatory twelve. (Source:http://finance.21cn.com/news/industry/a/2013/0820/16/23559690.shtml)


Li Keqiang: the development of western China’s the largest leeway lies

18 Aug 2013|China

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang test Chalan Muzhailing Chongqing railway tunnel construction site on August 18. He said to relevant responsible person that: “The Western Railway development is of great significance, not only because of the highly anticipated people, moreover, the Midwest is receiving the eastern industrial transfer. Railway construction on poverty alleviation, as well as a meaningful development of the industry, the development of western is China’s largest leeway lies. ”

Li Keqiang said that with the western developed, there is more hope for national employment.(Source:http://finance.21cn.com/news/industry/a/2013/0820/16/23559690.shtml)


Environmental assessment cannot catch up with officials’ promotion: Lifetime Responsibility System is ready to come out

16 Aug 2013|China

There are only one pilot scheme for environmental performance assessment of Chinese government officials, in which three elements of sustainable development in the assessment of the average percentile accounts for less than 10 percent. When higher levels of government assess the work of lower government, the environmental data are provided by the lower-level environmental protection departments, while environmental protection departments subordinate party and government leaders led by the same level of government appointments and dismissals. Even if the implementation assessment, did not really form a “one-vote veto” mechanism.



Beijing is ready to prepare carbon trading market

5 Aug 2013|China

August 5, Beijing Environment Exchange held its fifth Annual Conference. Reporters learned from the seminar that Beijing is ready to prepare carbon trading market. Environment Exchange founded five years before in order to solve environmental problems as their responsibility, and actively participate in the domestic market building multi-level environment, creating a number of the first domestic environmental markets. Voluntary emission reduction projects including the first standard, the first low-carbon index, the first energy management contract financing trading platform. Including the formation of carbon trading, emissions trading, energy savings transactions, low-carbon transformation services such as the four business lines, as well as international projects, membership co-research, green finance and other support services, has now developed to become the most influential environmental equity trading platforms. (Source:http://finance.people.com.cn/n/2013/0805/c1004-22452915.html)


Rare parks everywhere exacerbate overcapacity Enterprises operating rate less than 30%

14 Aug 2013|China

“Rare park development disorder causes excess production capacity further.” Rare Association Secretary-General Ma Rongzhang in an interview with reporters said. He said that since 2010, many areas of rare earth park planning and construction. The existing national park about 18 rare earth industry, similar to the planning of these parks, and many more resources at the core extends to midstream and downstream industry chain, involving separation of rare earth smelting, magnets, light function, hydrogen storage, polishing powder, rare earth catalysts and other major new materials, these rare park’s construction will lead to further excess production capacity.

Rare industrial parks everywhere is the only rare earth industry overcapacity, a microcosm. In recent years, the rare earth industry capacity sprawl to the already fragile chain facing a new crisis. (Source:http://www.ce.cn/cysc/newmain/jdpd/yj/201308/14/t20130814_1184553.shtml)


The second batch of low-carbon pilot implementation program is approved

20 Aug 2013|China

Public information, the National Development and Reform Commission in 2012 November 26 issue of the National Development and Reform Commission on the second batch of low-carbon and low-carbon city pilot provinces notice, established the second batch 29 low-carbon pilot.

The pilot areas: Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan Province and Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao City, Jincheng City, Hulunbeier City, Jilin, Mountains region, Suzhou City, Huai’an City, Zhenjiang City, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Chizhou, Nanping City, Jingdezhen City, Ganzhou City, Qingdao City, Jiyuan City, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Guilin, Guangyuan, Zunyi City, Kunming, Yan’an City, Jinchang City, Urumqi. (Source:http://biz.21cbh.com/2013/8-20/yONDE3Xzc0NTQyOA.html)


Beijing this year will basically achieve the central city “no coalification”

21 Aug 2013|China

State Grid Beijing Electric Power Corporation today announced that the 2013 Beijing urban core non-residents unhistorical electric heating “coal to electricity” project has already started, is expected to Beijing east and west city will have 44,000 residents realize cottage electric heating, this year after the completion of the heating season, can save coal 44,000 tons, the capital of the central city will basically achieve “no coal”, improve Beijing’s air quality. (Source:http://finance.chinanews.com/ny/2013/08-21/5190892.shtml)


National grid in the next five years will invest 620 billion to build the smart grid of UHV

20 Aug 2013|China

State Grid Corporation of Development Planning Division Director Zhang Zhengling said in an interview, UHV (UHV) on the mainland electricity smart grid development is a must, the next five years, the State Grid will invest 620 billion yuan to build 20 UHV transmission line to the southwest northwest hydropower and wind power transferred to eastern China. Development of UHV power grid is not only technological innovation, but also to achieve long-range transport, to solve China’s large-scale renewable energy development and utilization, and can improve the current challenging environment in the eastern face pressure.Up to now, the mainland has completed a UHV grid of UHV AC line and two HVDC lines, totaling 4,633 km, in the construction of a two exchanges and two DC lines, up to 6412 km.



MEP: Provincial Government and the central enterprises will sign letters of responsibility for air pollution control

18 Aug 2013|China

Reporters learned yesterday from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, second half of the air pollution control will develop assessment methods, the ministry will cooperate with relevant supporting policies and measures to decompose to the relevant departments, and the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) governments and central air pollution control companies signed target responsibility book, Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas while establishing air pollution control cooperation mechanism.(Source:http://gov.rednet.cn/c/2013/08/18/3116352.htm)


Ministry of Environmental Protection started 13rd Five-Year Plan, 21 topics are outsourcing

28 Aug 2013|China

The Ministry of Environmental Protection will follow the “open-door series planning” principle, bear the whole society open selection unit, responsible for 13rd five-year Environmental Protection Plan’s 21 research tasks. Reporter learned from the Ministry of Environmental Protection that these topics by the Environmental Protection Department of Planning and Finance Division and Environmental Planning screening will be invited to register in our country, with legal personality of the enterprise or institution alone or in joint declaration to jointly participate in research on major issues.

According to planning schedules, results of these studies will be before the end of December 2013 interim report, submitted draft form by the end of April 2014 to submit a formal report for the 13rd five-year Environmental Protection Plan provides support and advice. 21 subjects wish to support funding for the 80,000 to 240,000 yuan range.(Source:http://news.solidwaste.com.cn/view/id_49449)


NDRC requires combing energy saving on tax policy

28 Aug 2013|China

The National Development and Reform Commission issued intensify its efforts to ensure the realization of 2013 emission reduction targets and tasks of the notice on August 27. Notice that the scope and adjust the consumption tax rate structure, research will consume a lot of energy and resources, could easily lead to environmental pollution products under the scope of taxation. In this regard, the industry said it would consume a lot of energy and resources, could easily lead to environmental pollution products under the scope of taxation will increase productivity behind corporate tax burden, reduce the high energy consumption enterprises profit margins, through Forced mechanism to strengthen its energy saving ranked results.



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