The 9th LCS-RNet Annual Meeting in Warwick, UK

Date 12 -13 September, 2017
: Warwick University, UK
Theme: Clean growth and innovation in a changing world
 Host : 
UK Energy Research Center (UKERC)

The 9th Annual Meeting of LCS‐RNet will focus on three themes that reflect current debates in international climate change and energy policy, against the backdrop of recent political changes and uncertainties in Europe and the United States. The conference theme for this year is ‘Clean growth and innovation in a changing world’. The conference will focus on three main themes:

  1. Innovation: technology, resource productivity and industrial policy.
  2. Global energy markets and forms of carbon pricing.
  3. Energy access and low carbon development.


The full programme of sessions and speakers will be made available on the UKERC website shortly.

The LCS-RNet conference will be followed by the 2017 UKERC annual academic conference, which will overlap with the second day and will continue on to the 14 September. The UKERC conference* will explore the implications of international trends within these themes for UK energy policy and research

*Attendance at the UKERC conference is by invitation only.


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