Research for developing Japan’s concrete strategies

The Paris Agreement includes cycles/mechanisms to strengthen national GHG emissions reduction targets in each country every 5 years (the so-called “Ratchet-up Mechanism”). These cycles/mechanisms require a two-way, interactive approach – as well as formulating long-term GHG low emissions development strategies (hereinafter, “long-term strategies”), they also require mutual check-ups to look at concrete measures for implementing long-term strategies. In addition, checks must be made on necessary items such as policy directions which should be mentioned in long-term strategies, based on the analysis of specific implementing measures.

There are various measures for implementing long-term strategies. In FY2016, we picked up three themes: 1) carbon pricing as one of the overarching major policies; 2) energy transition in the electricity sector where drastic decarbonisation will be called for; and 3) the participatory decision-making process, which is one of the measures in the approach towards formulating strategies. The results of our analysis are downloadable from the following:


1) Carbon pricing

2) Energy transition in the electricity sector

3) Participatory decision-making process




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