7th Annual Meeting of LCS-RNet in Paris, France

Date : 15-16 June 2015P1000887
Venue : Collège des Bernardins , 20, Rue de Poissy 75005 Paris, France
Theme : Towards an equitable low carbon development: a science policy dialog for COP21
Host :
The French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Energy
The International Research Center on Environment and Development (CIRED)
Cooperation :
The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME)
The Chair «Long term modeling and sustainable development» (ENPC-Mines Paristech)

■ Meeting Agenda

LCS Rnet_Agenda_Latest edition



■ LCS-RNet Statement for COP21

COP21 – A moment of truth for climate and sustainable development

List of signatories (as of 21 October 2015)

Number of signatures by country (as of 21 October 2015)


Special issue of ENEA ( outcome of 6th LCS-RNet Annual Meeting in Rome, edited by ENEA )



LCS-RNet held its seventh Annual Meeting on Jun 15 and 16 at Paris, France.  80 participants from 15 countries includeing three international organizations and an aid agency attended the LCS-RNet meeting.

The Meeting focused on the issues of COP21 as well as on visions for the transformation of the energy system, spatial dynamics and decarbonisation, international collaboration toward a low-carbon society, and financing transition.

The outcomes of each sessions was compiled into the Statement and Synthesis Reports.  The Statement was announced and reported at the LCS-RNet joint session in ” Our Common Future under Climate Change ” held in July 2015 in Paris, and also will be announced at the UNFCCC COP21 in the yearend.

We also pleased to report that our colleagues at MEDDE received authorisation to use the COP21 label for the LCS-RNet 7th Annual Meeting.admin-ajax

This authorisation is only given to the projects which meet the following conditions: they must directly relate to the fight against climate change; be original and have a rallying and mobilising capacity; echoe the “ Agenda of Solutions” and, in particular, the emphasis on discourse generating momentum around climate issues; and have an international dimension.

The label was put on the Meeting Agenda and other distributions at the meeting.

COP21 labeling process







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