3rd Annual Meeting of the LCS-RNet in Paris, France

Transition towards Low Carbon Societies in a Changing World

■ Date: 13-14 October 2011
■ Venue: Paris, France
■ Host: International Research Center on Environment and Development (CIRED)
■ Agenda.pdf
Synthesis Report and Presentations

■ Concept
The meeting will be structured with two main objectives:
1) climate challenge and ‘green growth’: paradigm shift; and
2) conditions of a major shift in innovation patterns and technical systems.

Recognising the needs for stronger science-society-policy interaction to move towards LCS, the agenda has been developed aiming to examine how, instead of being framed in terms of burden sharing, these policies should be designed so as to “offer substantial opportunities and ensure continued high growth and sustainable development”. The workshop will allow for an open exchange of views about the many facets of these opportunities and how to launch a long run transition towards a low-carbon society.

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