Researchers Meeting : International Research Network for Low Carbon Societies -LCS-RNet 1-2 April 2009, Trieste, Italy


■ Date: 1 – 2 April 2009
■ Venue: New Congress Center, AREA Science Park, Trieste, Italy
Co-organised by the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea, Italy, and the LCS-RNet Secretariat
■ Agenda: Agenda_Trieste_1-2April_20090401.pdf

■ Presentations:
Introduction   Secretariat_RM_Day1_rev5.pdf
CMCC   CMCC_trieste.pdf
FEEM   FEEM_trieste.pdf
UKERC   UKERC_trieste.pdf
IDDRI   IDDRI_trieste.pdf
Wuppertal Institute   WI_trieste.pdf
NIES   NIES_trieste.pdf
ENEA 1   ENEA1_trieste.pdf
ENEA 2   ENEA2_trieste.pdf
ADEME   ADEME_trieste.pdf
IGES   IGES_trieste.pdf
NIER   NIER_trieste.pdf
OECD   OECD_trieste.pdf
IEA   IEA_trieste.pdf

■ Meeting Report:
Part 1,2 (346KB)
Part 3 (26.9 MB)

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