7th Annual Meeting of LCS-RNet in Paris, France

Day 1
Introductory Session
1_1 Welcome
Laurence Monnoyer – Smith ( High Commissioner for Sustainable Development, French Ministry of Environment )
1_2 Introduction to the meeting
Shuzo Nishioka (IGES) , Jean Charleds Hourcade (CIRED / chaire MPDD)
1st session: Visions of the transformation of the energy system
Chair: Stefan Lechtemböhmer (WI)
P1-1 Towards a low carbon economy: transforming the energy system
Keynote speaker:Bert Metz (European Climate Foundation)
P1-2 Energy and Climate Change
Keynote speaker : Brent Wanner (IEA)
Parallel session 1.1 : A common goal, different national contexts
Chair: Nadia Maïzi (CMA/chaire MPDD)
PS1.1-1 Impacts of deep decarbonization pathways on the Italian energy intensive industries
Maria Rosa Virdis (ENEA)
PS1.1-2 Visions of the transformation of the energy system A German Perspective
Stefan Lechtemböhmer (WI)
PS1.1-3 The low carbon development roadmap of power sector in China
Yu Wang (Tsinghua University )
PS1.1-4 Climate Change – Brazilian context
Marcelo Poppe ( CGEE )
Parallel session 1.2 : Institutions and regulations: securing innovation and investment decisions
Chair: Christian Egenhofer (CEPS)
PS1.2-1 Transforming the UK energy system Are the right policies and institutions in place?
Jim Watson (UKERC)
PS1.2-2 In Light of the Future: Innovation, Institutions and Governance
Lars J. Nilsson ( Lund University )
PS1.2-3 EU policy signals for investment in power sector transformation in power sector transformation
Jesse Scott (IEA)
Moving forward : INDCs and SDGs: funding challenges and benefits of the cooperation
SS-1 Energy transition and green growth in France
Keynote speaker : François Moisan (ADEME)
2nd Session : Spatial dynamics and decarbonization: a question of development patterns
Chair: Sergio La Motta (ENEA)
P2-1 From global to local climate action and back
Jan Corfee Morlot (OECD)
P2-2 Spatial dynamics and decarbonization: A question of development patterns
Tomonori Sudo ( JICA )
Parallel session 2.1 : Urbanization and climate actions in cities
Chair: Claire Roumet (Energy cities)
PS2.1-1 Human Settlements and Climate Change Mitigation: Key findings from the latest IPCC WG3 report
Shobhakar Dhakal (Asian Institute of Technology)
PS2.1-2 Urban Transitions – Efficiency, sufficiency and well-being
Matthias Wanner ( WI )
PS2.1-3 Implementation of Low Carbon urban development in Malaysia – The case of Iskandar Malaysia
Chin Siong Ho ( UTM )
PS2.1-4 Urban Resilience: a circular economy based transition
Nicola Tollin ( University of Bradford )
Parallel Session 2.2 : Climate land-uses and rural development
Chair: Stéphane De Cara (INRA)
PS2.2-1 Growth, Agriculture & Employment: Towards a Climate-Friendly World Without Farmers?
Bruno Dorin ( CSH Delhi )
PS2.2-2 The Land Sector in the context of the SDGs and deep mitigation
Michael Obersteiner (IIASA)
PS2.2-3 The Italian National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change: a focus on rural areas
Donatella Spano (CMCC)
Moving forward : INDCs and SDGs: funding challenges and benefits of the cooperation
SS-2 Reflections on Enhanced Cooperation with Different Speeds for better Climate Protection
Keynote speaker : Herman Ott (WI)
Day 2

3rd session: The CBDR principle revisited : from burden sharing to picking the benefits of cooperation

Chair: John Barrett ( UKERC Co-director )
P3-1 From CBDR to RDBC (risk, distribution, beyond the country logic)
Marc Fleurbaey (Princeton University)
Discussants: Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED/ Chaire MPDD)
Discussants: Subash Dhar (Technical University of Denmark)
Bifurcations in development pathways
Chair: Toshihiko Masui (NIES)
S3-1 Bifurcations, path dependency andlock-ins: Concepts and implications for climate mitigation
Franck Lecocq (CIRED)
S3-2 Two Different Approaches to Deep Decarbonisation
Subash Dhar (Technical University of Denmark )
S3-3 Long-Term Dynamics in World Passenger Transportation: Can Policy Make A Difference?
Andreas Schäfer ( UCL )
Moving forward: INDCs and SDGs : funding challenges and benefits of the cooperation
SS3 INDCs and SDGs – an opportunity of mutual reinforcement ?
Sébastien Treyer (IDDRI)
4th session: Implications for COP21
Triggering the finance in an adverse context
Chair: Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED/Chair MPDD)
P4-1 Upgrading Climate Finance in adverse economic conditionsJean Charles Hourcade (CIRED/chaire MPDD)
P4-2 Climate change and its implications for the global financial system
Keynote speaker: Nick Robins (UNEP Inquiry)
Comments on the two keynote presentations +Japanese Cases
Discussants: Hikaru Kobayashi ( Keio University / IGES )
The “positive pricing” of carbon reduction
Discussants: Alfredo Sirkis ( Centro Brasil no Clima )
Keynote address
Jean Jouzel (IPCC)
What agreement for what benefits of a large climate alliance ?
Chair: Alfredo Sirkis (Centro Brasil no Clima)
 4_1 Introductory talks
Armin Haas (IASS)
 4_2 Roundtable
Paul Watkinson (MEDDE)Alfredo Sirkis (Centro Brasil no Clima)

Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED/Chair MPDD)

 4_3 Launching of a declaration on COP 21
Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED / chaire MPDD)
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