6th Annual Meeting of the LCS-RNet in Rome, Italy

Day 1
Welcome and Opening
[Chair] Mikiko Kainuma, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Japan
Welcome and opening
Chair: Sergio La Motta, ENEA
Welcome addresses
Roberto Morabito, ENEA
Introduction of the Meeting
Shuzo Nishioka, LCS-RNet Secretariat / IGES
Messages for policymakers from IPCC and the added value of LCS-RNet
Jim Skea, Imperial College London
Plenary 1: Can low carbon societies deliver on energy policy goals including security and affordability?
Chair: Jim Watson, UKERC/Rapporteur: Rosella Virdis , ENEA
How to deliver better policies integration?
Takashi Hattori, IEA
Energy security and climate policies: An unequal and transient marriage
Jessica Jewell, IIASA
Parallel Session 1-1: Innovative solutions to respond to the needs of the power system
Chair: Stefan Lechtenbohmer, WI/Rapporteur: Sergio La Motta, ENEA
From Theory to Reality – the Response to Climate Change
H. M. Henning, Fraunhofer ISE
Enabling decarbonisation of the fossil fuel based power sector through CCS
Paolo Deiana, ENEA
Improvements of electric and thermal energy storage
Christine Krüger, WI
Parallel Session 1-2: Energy use and behavior
Chair: Andrea Bigano, CMCC/Rapporteur: Maria Yetano, WI
Benefits for whom? Energy efficiency within the efficient market
Dario Chello, ENEA
User-integrated innovation in Sustainable Living Labs: Improve energy efficiency through behavioral change?
Julia Nordmann, WI
Governance and communication for energy efficiency
Stefan Thomas, WI
Plenary 2: Common challenge in resource efficiency improvement
Chair: Roberto Morabito, ENEA/Rapporteur: Satoshi Kojima , IGES
The transitional theory: clustering LCS, water and waste management, circular economy in order to achieve a wider transition towards LCS
Derk Loorbach , DRIFT
Exploring the economic case for low carbon cities: building momentum for a circular urban economy
Sarah Colenbrander, University of Leeds
Parallel Session 2-1: Resource efficiency improvement in the industrial sector in the more general framework of the joint transition to LCS and green economy
Chair: Manfred Fischedick, WI/Rapporteur: Laura Cutaia, ENEA
Basic materials in a LCS-transition
Max Ahman and Lars Nilsson, Lund University
Transitioning to a low-carbon society: Thoughts from an SCP perspective
Magnus Bengtsson, IGES
Reuse and recovery of raw materials, material flow (industrial symbiosis)
Claudia Brunori, ENEA
Parallel Session 2-2: LCS and related Resource efficiency improvement in territo-ries management
Chair: Vincent Viguie, CIRED/Rapporteur: M. Peronaci, ENEA
Urban GHG emissions and resource flows: methods for understanding the complex func-tioning of cities
Maria Yetano, WI
Rethinking cities in a post-carbon society– A French perspective
Antoine Riviere, MEDDE
Rome as a low carbon & resilient city
Claudio Baffioni, Municipality of Rome
Panel discussion: What the climate decision makers need from the research sector
Chair: Hironori Hamanaka, IGES
Raimondo Orsini, Italian States General of the Green Economy
Lucy Hayes, UK Department of Energy and Climate Change
Richard Lavergne, French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy
Stefan Lechtenbohmer, WI, Germany
Naoya Tsukamoto, IGES, Japan
Day 2

Plenary 3: Make low-carbon and resilient investments as leverage to renovate economy in crisis

Chair: Tomohiro Sudo, JICA/Rapporteur: Christophe Cassen, CIRED
A “paradigm shift” in the climate affair
J. C. Hourcade, CIRED
Environmental Fiscal Reform for promoting Low Carbon Economies
A. Ravazzi , Italian Ministry of Environment
Parallel Session 3-1: Barriers and opportunities of financing/investing in mitiga-tion and adaptation
Chair: J. C. Hourcade, CIRED/Rapporteur: Daniela Palma, ENEA
Barriers and opportunities for the cities
Tomonori Sudo, JICA
Trade-offs and synergies in urban climate policies – The case of Paris
Vincent Viguie, CIRED
The role of PPPs in scaling up financial flows in the post-Kyoto regime
Giulia Galluccio, FEEM/CMCC
Parallel Session 3-2: Building consensus to support climate change policies: genu-ine public engagement & bottom up local low carbon initiatives
Chair: Jim Watson, UKERC/Rapporteur: Oscar Amerighi, ENEA
Local experiences in energy transition
Patrizia Lombardi, POLITO
The participatory process to a low carbon economy in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia
Manfred Fischedick, WI
Public values for energy system change
Karen Parkhill, Bangor University
Plenary 4: Big win-win is here in directing low carbon resilient development path
Chair: Toshihiko Masui, NIES/Rapporteur: Ioanna Ketsopoulou, UKERC
How can research serve international policy-making towards low carbon development path? Looking forward
P. R. Shukla, IIMA
Potential of the UNFCCC’s technology mechanism to foster RD&D towards realizing low carbon development
Gabriel Blanco, Universidad Nacional del Centro Argentina
Parallel Session 4-1: Challenges in developing countries
Chair: P. R. Shukla, IIMA/Rapporteur: Koji Fukuda, UNDP
GIZ’s approaches: low-emission development strategies – Need for support from research
Bernhard Zymla, GIZ
The Theory of No Change – a tool for analyzing capacity building needs for low carbon development
Christine Wörlen, Arepo Consult
Role of research community in developing countries implementation of low carbon socie-ties concept – The case of Iskandar Malaysia
Ho Chin Siong, UTM
Parallel Session 4-2: How can emission pathway modeling contribute to raising ambition levels of nationally determined contributions (NDC)?
Chair: Kentaro Tamura, IGES/Rapporteur: Takeshi Kuramochi, IGES
How can emission pathway modeling contribute to raising ambition levels of nationally determined contributions (NDC)? – Modeling the roadmap of Thailand’s NAMAs and raising ambition levels of INDCs
Bundit Limmeechokchai, Thammasat University
Emission pathway modeling to analyze national ambition levels of decarbonization
Mikiko Kainuma, IGES/NIES
Panel discussion on the future plan of LCS-RNet towards COP21 in Paris
Chairs: Sergio La Motta, ENEA / J. C. Hourcade, CIRED
Ravazzi , Italian Ministry of Environment
Jim Watson, UEKRC
Naoya Tsukamoto, IGES
Stefan Lechtenbohmer, WI
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